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The Mission of the Forrest Research Foundation is to create a world-leading collaborative centre of research and scholarship in Western Australia.  

The Foundation supports over 60 PhD scholars and postdoctoral fellows and their families, who bring their talents and creativity from all parts of the world to Western Australia to conduct ground-breaking research. 

Our researchers pursue everything from ‘blue sky research’ to projects focused on commercialisation and policy.

We have no defining theme but draw researchers from across disciplines. Our essential selection criteria are excellence, engagement and curiosity.

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Foundation opportunities

Forrest PhD Scholarships – for the brightest minds, the best research, the biggest impact. We attract ambitious, enthusiastic, and curious minds from around the world to conduct bold and exciting doctoral research at any of Western Australia’s five universities.
Forrest Postdoctoral Fellows are more than just intellectually brilliant. They are adventurous, curious, and open to new ideas. We embrace unusual and innovative approaches to problem-solving and take risks that others may not. We encourage our fellows to break from convention, pursue new frontiers, be intellectually generous, and collaborate to improve outcomes for the community and the world.
Creative Fellowships
The Forrest Research Foundation Early-career Creative and Performance Leadership Fellowships are designed to offer a new route through which to nurture the creative talents and research leadership skills of those working in the creative and performing arts sector. Embedded within the broader Foundation community, our Creative Fellows work to cross the arts/science divide through collaboration, engagement and innovative approaches to their practice.


Foundation news|
21 May 2024
Forrest Fellowship Information Session Recording
The recording of the Fellowship information session from 14 May is now available. To apply for a Fellowship when applications open on 22 May, please go to this page:
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13 May 2024
Short and Sweet: On Professor Anne Dell, Distinguished Forrest Visiting Fellow
By Joseph Steinberg, Forrest Fellow, and Sean Li, Forrest Scholar (pictured below). Anne Dell, Professor of Carbohydrate Biochemistry at Imperial College London, is not the type to sugar-coat things. ‘We...
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8 May 2024
‘Think Like a Worm’ exhibition launched by Creative Fellow Cass Tytler
Cass Tytler, a Forrest Research Foundation Creative and Performance Fellow, has successfully presented an exhibition titled Think Like a Worm. Think Like a Worm was a multidisciplinary place-based art event...
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7 May 2024
Forrest Fellowships opening soon for 2025!
The Forrest Research Foundation will be offering up to five prestigious three-year post-doctoral Fellowships in 2025 to outstanding researchers from around the world to conduct paradigm-shifting research based at any...
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Research news|
3 May 2024
Forrest Fellow makes a magical discovery
Many scientists have been known to get “antsy” when their research endeavours are seemingly fruitless, but that’s certainly not the case for Forrest Fellow, Dr Mark Wong, who has just...
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Alumni news|Research news|
16 Apr 2024
Study finds imagining self-harm linked to increased risk
A new study from The University of Western Australia has found vividly imagining self-harm is related to increased urge to self-harm and the future likelihood of an individual acting on...
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Dr Jane Goodall – Reasons for Hope Tour
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I have always been driven by a child-like curiosity to understand the world around me, complemented by a conviction that it is our duty to apply the knowledge gained for the betterment of humanity. My curiosity is easily piqued, and this has manifested in a large range of research interests; before starting my PhD, I have worked in neuroecology, genetics, bioimaging, and physiology labs. Nevertheless, these research interests have a common over-arching theme: to understand how organisms work.
Dr Grace Goh
Dr Grace Goh