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Forrest post-doctoral fellows are more than just intellectually brilliant. They are adventurous, curious, open to ideas from anywhere. They embrace unusual approaches to problem-solving and take risks that others may not. They enjoy breaking with convention – the path less travelled is appealing because new frontiers offer new opportunities for discovery. They are intellectually generous and take time to understand and challenge ideas, collaborating to improve outcomes for the community and the world. 

Forrest Fellowships are offered to early-stage post-doctoral researchers who have outstanding academic profiles and who have already made significant personal research contributions within and beyond their discipline. Forrest Fellows will have been among the top performing students in their undergraduate and graduate cohorts. They will already have gained high-level research experience through studying and researching in several different institutions, and their innovative doctoral research will be recognised well beyond their current institutional home. Forrest Fellows will wish to extend their post-doctoral research well beyond the focus of their doctoral dissertation and will aim to do so in a way that builds intellectual bridges within and between disciplines. Forrest Fellows are also committed to communicating their research to others, using such to have a positive impact on the world around us. 


The Forrest Research Foundation will provide funding for:

  • Salary
    • Salary consistent with a Level A Step 8 appointment (for example The University of Western Australia Salary Scales approximately $99,905 in salary plus 17% superannuation)
  • Accommodation Allowance
    • An accommodation allowance of $22,412 per annum in 2023 (subject to marginal tax rate)
  • Research and travel allowancee
    • A once-off research and travel allowance of up to $12,000, plus economy airfare to Perth. This allowance is available for approved research-related expenses, overseas research, and conference travel. 
  • Relocation allowance
    • All interstate and international Fellows can apply for a relocation allowance which can be discussed with the Director if successful.

Forrest Fellows will provide up to 1 day per week to advance the general mission of the Forrest Research Foundation which could include providing mentoring, ambassadorial and leadership to Forrest Scholars, Forrest Hall and the Forrest Research Foundation. Appointments at Level B will be considered if supported by the employing university. 

Our Fellows

Dr Chong Wei
Marine science
Chong has a PhD in Marine Physics from the Xiamen University, China and was a 2-years joint PhD at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, University...
Dr Connor Bottrell
Connor’s studies predominately took place at the University of Victoria, Canada. After receiving his PhD in 2020, Connor spent 2.5 years as a...
Dr Houda Ennaceri
Microalgal downstream processing: innovative and low-cost technologies for sustainable microalgal biofuel production
Microalgae have the potential to be an excellent source of sustainable and renewable biofuel. However, different issues surrounding their economic...
Dr Jessica Buck
Childhood brain cancer
Jessica is a scientist who works with the Brain Tumour Research team, led by Dr Raelene Endersby and Dr Nick Gottardo, to help find more effective...
Dr Jessica Kretzmann
DNA origami, biosensors, disease, virus
Dr Jessica Kretzmann is working within the School of Molecular Sciences, and the ARC Training Centre for Biomedical Analysis, at the University of...
Dr Joseph Steinberg
English and Literary Studies 
Dr Joseph Steinberg completed his BA (Hons) in English and Cultural Studies at UWA in 2016, before going on to an MPhil and a PhD at the University...
Dr Karri Neldner
Developmental psychology
Karri conducts research examining when and how Australian children might develop a strong connection to nature. Using techniques from developmental...
Dr Mark Wong
Ecologist and entomologist Dr Mark Wong is a Forrest Fellow in the School of Biological Sciences at UWA, Visiting Scientist at CSIRO Health and...
Dr Matthew Dodd
Dr Dodd studies the chemical properties of rocks from around the world during periods of biological and climatic upheaval in Earth history. His work...
Dr Neil Robinson
Porous energy materials
Dr Neil Robinson is a physical chemist and chemical engineering researcher working within the Fluid Science and Resources Research Group...
Dr Nichole Barry
Early universe
Nichole Barry uses next-generation radio interferometers to look back in time to the infant Universe. Her cutting-edge analysis techniques will allow...
Dr Samuel Starko
Marine ecology
Samuel is broadly interested in the impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems. His research is interdisciplinary, combining tools and techniques...


To be eligible to apply applicants must be in their final year of PhD or no more than two years post PhD conferral. 

Application process

Completed Application Form
Curriculum vitae
Publications list
Grants and awards list
Contact details for three referees (at least two academic)

Frequently Asked Questions

Click the “Apply” tab on the Forrest Post-doctoral Fellowship web page, where you will be directed to the applications portal. This link will only be made available when the fellowship round is open.

All applications must be submitted online through the Forrest Research Foundation application portal. If you experience any issues submitting your application through the portal, contact the Forrest Research Foundation here as soon as possible.

The Forrest Post-doctoral Fellowship round varies annually, however typically applications open in April and close in June each year.  We suggest you subscribe to updates from the Forrest Research Foundation, so that you will receive an alert once applications open.

Applicants are required to provide contact details for three referees (at least two should be academic) – please note that referee reports will most likely be required only if you make the interview stage.

You should ask people who will best support your application and are familiar with both your research and broader engagement activities. Where possible this should include your academic supervisors, colleagues, and key contacts who can provide relevant information about your academic achievements and professional attributes, especially in relation to the selection criteria. You are encouraged to provide referees that are not all from the same organisation, school or faculty.

If you choose to nominate personal referees, they should be persons able to comment on personal characteristics and strengths as displayed, for example, in your extra-curricular activities at university, or in your previous employment. Personal referees should not be related to you.

Referees may be contacted directly by the Forrest Research Foundation after the application round is closed. Please note that referee reports will most likely be required only if you make the interview stage.

A Forrest Post-doctoral Fellowship may not usually be deferred. The Governors of the Forrest Research Foundation may consider a request for deferral by a successful applicant in extenuating circumstances. You will need to write a letter requesting any deferral directly to the Director of the Forrest Research Foundation, which outlines your specific circumstances, who will then discuss your formal request with the Governors.

There is no “formula” for a successful application. Each application should be about the particular candidate and the proposed research, while ensuring you also address the selection criteria and submit all formal requirements including uploading the documentation.

Remember: we are looking for applicants who are academically excellent, want to be part of our vibrant intellectual community, are curious and have a desire to engage with the public.

As a Forrest Post-doctoral Fellow, you will also be expected to show leadership within the Foundation through mentoring, community engagement, and leading one of our internal committees.

It is a requirement that each applicant contact their proposed mentor to discuss their Forrest Post-doctoral Fellowship application and ensure they are willing to mentor you. Applicants who do not have a nominated mentor (or who have not been in contact with their mentor) will not be considered.

The Selection Committee will seek the views of proposed mentors prior to interviewing shortlisted candidates.

Forrest Fellowships are open to both domestic and international applicants.

The Forrest Post-doctoral Fellowship Conditions stipulate all the eligibility criteria.

It should be noted that each Western Australian university may have subtle differences and if you have any specific questions, we encourage you to contact their research offices. Contact details for the different research offices can be found here:

Curtin University
Edith Cowan University
Murdoch University
The University of Notre Dame Australia
The University of Western Australia

No. Forrest Post-doctoral Fellowships are open to applicants from all disciplines.

Your success will not be determined based on your choice of university or mentor. It is recommended that you nominate your proposed university and mentor based on the research environment and facilities that are most relevant to your proposed fellowship.

Please note that multiple applications will not be considered.

Applications open May