Dr Chong Wei
I am incredibly grateful and excited to be awarded as a Forrest Research Fellow. The Forrest Fellowship creates a unique opportunity for me to pursue my dream, which is to make significant contributions in addressing some of the most pressing challenges involving our ocean and to make a difference to the world. It also provides me a way to actively engage in science outreach, broaden my global scientific network, and grow my mentoring skills.

Chong has a PhD in Marine Physics from the Xiamen University, China and was a 2-years joint PhD at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, University of Hawaii, USA. After obtaining his PhD, he was a Research Fellow at the Tropical Marine Science Institute, National University of Singapore. Chong studies sound production, propagation, and reception in toothed whales, as well as noise impact on the auditory system of marine life.

Chong’s research will investigate the effects of underwater noise on marine animals, including fishes, dolphins and whales, and involved international collaboration with universities in the USA and China.

The research aims to develop fast, reliable, objective and non-invasive methods to determine what animals hear and how noise impacts on them.

ResearchingMarine science
AffiliatedCurtin University|
Focus areaOceans