Anna Faber
I am immensely grateful for the unparalleled support network, the inspiration drawn from the community of Scholars and Fellows, and the enriching scientific and social engagement provided by the Forrest Research Foundation. The opportunities offered by the Foundation have proven invaluable for both my personal and academic development, helping me to make meaningful contributions to sustainable development through my PhD research.

Anna is a passionate scientific all-rounder with three majors in biology, chemistry and high school teacher training. Driven by her excitement for knowledge and social contribution, Anna started her PhD in applied science to tackle marine plastic pollution by developing environmentally-friendly, microbial solutions. Therefore, she teaches bacteria to eat certain types of plastic in marine conditions by bringing together the fastest plastic-degrading enzymes found in nature with the fastest-growing marine bacterium in the world.

Besides working in academia and student supervision, Anna is enthusiastic about science communication. She tries to raise public awareness for environmental crises associated with her research, e.g. by reaching out over radio and social media. Anna is a very active member of the Forrest Research Foundation community, which she adores for its multifaceted ways to support personal development, including scientific education, personal branding, public outreach, social support and dear friendships.

ResearchingSynthetic biology
AffiliatedUniversity of Western Australia|
Focus areaOceans, Technology