Carlos J. Toro-Huamanchumo
I am deeply inspired by the Forrest Research Foundation's unwavering commitment to excellence and the generous support they offer. Being part of this vibrant community drives my pursuit of groundbreaking research and motivates me to contribute to societal improvement. It's a privilege to live and work alongside such brilliant minds, all dedicated to making a significant and lasting scientific impact.

Carlos is a Peruvian MD epidemiologist and biostatistician, passionate about evidence-based health decision-making. Throughout his professional journey in Peru, he has held key positions such as Public Health Advisor at the Vice Ministry of Public Health, Evidence Synthesis Analyst at the National Institute of Health, and Director of Health Technology Assessment at the Social Health Insurance. Additionally, he has contributed to the field of public health through multiple publications in top-tier journals and serves as a lecturer in epidemiology and biostatistics.

Carlos’s PhD research investigates subclinical cardiovascular diseases and their connections to cognitive decline and dementia, with a focus on conditions like abdominal aorta calcification (AAC). Employing advanced machine learning algorithms to analyse AAC via DXA scans, his work extends across diverse multiethnic populations. This project is designed to enhance early detection methods and establish clearer risk factors, aiming to initiate transformative improvements that benefit patients, caregivers, and healthcare systems globally.

ResearchingCardiometabolic diseases, epidemiology and public health, evidence-based medicine
AffiliatedEdith Cowan University|
Focus areaHealth