Dawid Makosa
In my PhD project, I aim to identify the epigenomic patterns and processes crucial for maintaining cognitive functions. I hope that these insights will contribute to the development of novel (epi)genomic therapies improving the quality of life of elderly and consequently reduce the health- and aged care costs.

Dawid is a molecular biologist from Poland mainly interested in the biology of aging and single cell brain epigenomics. In his PhD research project, he will investigate how a crucial layer of the epigenome, termed DNA methylation, changes in the brain as we age. Recent research has discovered that DNA methylation, which acts as tiny molecular signposts added to our DNA that can control how the underlying genetic information is used, is impaired in the brain during aging, and this is tightly linked to cognitive decline. During his PhD, Dawid aims to utilize diverse cutting-edge genomic techniques and technologies to investigate these epigenetic changes and their role in the process of aging. His research will be particularly useful in developing new therapies to improve the quality of life of the elderly, reducing health and aged-care costs and alleviating pressures on the health industry.

AffiliatedUniversity of Western Australia|
Focus areaHealth