Dr Cassandra Tytler
A Whisper, A Chorus finds ways to awaken understanding around the interconnections between the environment and all people, bringing race, gender, colonisation, and class concerns to the centre of the climate care discussions. Art has the capacity to make-felt these connections through final forms, and the processes of creation. My artworks are acts of community collaboration that amplify stories around local spaces.

Dr Cassandra Tytler is a video artist and researcher with the Centre for People, Place, and Planet at Edith Cowan University. She works within the School of Education and Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Cassandra’s practice is across single channel video, performance, and installation. Her research interests lie in the performance of video and its encounter within place, to create a relational and aware politics of resistance to normalising narratives of exclusion. Her current project, A Whisper, A Chorus, uses site-specific practice to amplify stories that inspire climate-informed action, empathy, and inclusion. Its aim is to contribute to creating a sense of the ‘more-than-individual’ in a rhetorically compelling way.

ResearchingPlace-based audio visual work
AffiliatedEdith Cowan University|
Focus areaPlanet, Society