Dr David Gozzard
I am honoured to be awarded a Forrest Fellowship and am grateful to have the opportunity and support to work on space technology in Australia. The development of Australia’s space capability will be fundamental to our social and economic prosperity in the 21st century. I am excited to join the Forrest Foundation community and look forward to building collaborations that will cultivate discovery and applications of knowledge to improve prosperity in Australia and around the world.

David’s research will develop technologies to stabilize the transmission of laser signals to spacecraft through the shimmering atmosphere. Laser links between the ground and spacecraft will enable much higher precision scientific measurements, and faster data transmission rates, while using smaller and lighter transmitters and receivers. Stable and precise transmission of laser signals from ground to space will revolutionise many areas now critical to human society, from fundamental and applied sciences, such as physics and Earth science, to those with immediate social and economic benefits, such as meteorology, satellite navigation, and communications.

AffiliatedUniversity of Western Australia|
Focus areaTechnology, Universe