Dr Giovanni Polverino
The Forrest Fellowship offered me a unique opportunity to join the University of Western Australia, a leading university for scientific research in the fields of ecology and evolutionary biology. I am very honoured for being awarded one of the inaugural Forrest Fellowships.

Giovanni’s project aims to investigate the role of phenotypic plasticity in the ecological success of invasive fishes over native Australian ones to predict species response to a changing world. In addition, his research will integrate an interdisciplinary component at the interface between animal behaviour and engineering to investigate whether bioinspired robots can effectively represent a novel, autonomous, and effective solution to selectively combat invasive species in Australian freshwaters.

Giovanni completed his PhD in evolutionary biology at Humboldt University of Berlin. He is an Assistant Professor at the University of Tuscia, Italy, and a research fellow at both Monash University and the University of Western Australia in Australia.

ResearchingEcology and evolutionary biology
AffiliatedUniversity of Western Australia|
Focus areaPlanet