Dr Julie Ji
My research focuses on the human capacity to mentally simulate hypothetical emotional experiences via the imagination. While prior research has shown that our capacity to visualise past and future events can impact our emotions and motivate goal-directed behaviour, major questions remain about how content and process properties relate to its functional impacts. Results from this research will illuminate how the human imagination can be harnessed to promote wellbeing and adaptive behaviours at the individual and collective level.

Julie was awarded an inaugural Forrest Fellowship in 2017, following completion of her PhD at the MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge, and a brief postdoctoral position at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. The Forrest Fellowship provided unparalleled opportunity for Julie to explore and test new ideas within the enriching environment of the UWA Centre for the Advancement of Research on Emotion, working with ARC Laureate Professor Colin MacLeod and other collaborators at the UWA School of Psychological Science. Prior to embarking on a PhD as a mature age student, Julie worked as a management consultant for Deloitte Consulting in Sydney, and as a communications officer for the United Nations World Food Programme in Kathmandu.

ResearchingExperimental psychology
AffiliatedUniversity of Western Australia|
Focus areaSociety