Dr Kit Prendergast
My research is shedding light on how to promote and preserve native bees.

Dr Kit, also known as The Bee Babette, is a wild bee scientist – studying the wild bees, but also a bit of a wild scientist! Her PhD research, undertaken as a Forrest Scholar, investigated the biodiversity native bees and pollination networks in urban areas, how to conserve them, and the impact of honeybees on native bees. She has since conducted research on using bee hotels as a recovery tool for native bees after bushfires through a grant she was awarded through the Federal Government. During her PhD she was a FameLab finalist, Amplify Ignite Finalist, featured on Gardening Australia, and winner of the ESA Outstanding Outreach Award. Dr Kit has published more than 55 articles and been cited over 470 times. She is also a circus performer, and loves using the performing arts to excite and engage people about bees.

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ResearchingNative bee scientist, conservation biologist and zoologist
AffiliatedCurtin University|
Focus areaPlanet