Dr Marcus Korb
I am honoured to be awarded a Forrest Fellowship as a part of the outstanding community of global research at UWA. By developing new iron-based catalysts I can help to increase the sustainability of chemical transformations and help to avoid toxic heavy metals. I am curiously looking forward to participate in world-changing research and to join the community of highly-skilled Forrest researchers.

Iron is a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative for noble metals in catalysis and the development of new functional materials. Dr Marcus Korb tailored the stability of iron half-sandwich complexes as they can help replacing palladium in C,C cross-coupling reactions for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals. By applying its reversible redox behaviour, Marcus also developed redox-active macrocycles since they are promising candidates for redox-responsive molecular magnets and  fluorophores.

AffiliatedUniversity of Western Australia|
Focus areaTechnology