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2020 Forrest Fellows Announced

28 August 2019

Four post-doctoral researchers from around the world have been named recipients of the prestigious 2020 Forrest Fellowships.

Forrest Fellowships are provided to outstanding early career researchers to undertake high quality research at any of the five universities in Western Australia.

Dr Jessica Buck who is the first Indigenous Forrest Fellow and was the first Aboriginal woman to graduate with a PhD from Oxford University, will take up her Fellowship at UWA and Telethon Kids Institute. Dr Buck is a medical researcher developing ways to improve the treatment of brain tumours in children.

Dr David Gozzard, a recipient of a 2017 WA Premier’s Science Award, will be carrying out his research at UWA on how satellite and laser communication technologies can be used to improve space exploration.

Dr Peter Kraus who graduated with his PhD from Imperial College London will join Curtin University where he will help develop emerging technologies such as semiconductors, batteries and photovoltaics as a way to combat climate change.

Moroccan researcher Dr Houda Ennaceri, who is currently based at the Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineering in Germany, will be undertaking her research at Murdoch University to develop a more efficient method for producing bio diesel from microalgae.

Warden of the Forrest Research Foundation, Prof Paul Johnson, was extremely pleased that the Foundation has appointed such exceptional early career researchers as the 2020 Forrest Fellows.

“The research of these four outstanding early-career scientists will further build the reputation of Perth as a dynamic hub of discover and innovation,” Prof Johnson said.

This year’s recipients will reside at Forrest Hall and commence their Forrest Fellowships in 2020.