Samalka Wijeweera
I hope this project would light up the direction for much other research on producing stress-tolerant plants that could compete against the global climate change and successfully provide enough food for all humans worldwide. Thus, it would support my aim to wipe out hunger from this beautiful planet.

Samalka is interested in plant improvement to overcome novel agricultural threats and to meet the current food requirement worldwide. Soil salinity is a major agricultural issue that affects crop production around the globe. Growth of plants in saline soils results in physiological stress, which disrupts the essential biochemical processes of respiration, photosynthesis, and transpiration and causes severe loss of crop yield. Understanding the molecular responses of plants exposed to salinity stress can inform future strategies to reduce agricultural losses due to salinity. Samalka is working on discovering common metabolic salt tolerance mechanisms in mitochondrial and chloroplast function in wheat.

ResearchingSalt tolerance mechanisms in metabolism and mitochondrial function in wheat
AffiliatedUniversity of Western Australia|
CountrySri Lanka
Focus areaPlanet